A lot of Tom Brady in Jimmy Garoppolo’s game

New England had Brady’s successor in mind when they picked Garoppolo in the second round of last weekend’s draft

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. — Jeff Christensen wants to show an example of perfect quarterback mechanics. So he opens up his 15-inch Asus laptop and finds the All-22 film of the Patriots’ 27-20 loss to the Colts in November 2006.

Coincidentally, this is one of Tom Brady’s worst statistical games as a pro, with four interceptions. But when it comes to throwing mechanics, this is when Brady, then 29, was at his peak. This game is one of the films that Christensen, a journeyman NFL quarterback in the 1980s who now coaches quarterbacks full time, uses when teaching pros such as Kirk Cousins, Teddy Bridgewater, and Jake Locker, or prep school kids here in the Chicago suburbs.

“See how he gets his feet apart? See that bounce?” Christensen says of Brady. “You see that back heel off the ground? How his toes are pointed right at the target? How his hips are open? Now, watch where the ball goes. Right on the money. It’s like a clinic.”

Then Christensen opens another file on his laptop. It’s a video from two summers ago, when Jimmy Garoppolo was working with him at a local park. Garoppolo is dropping back and throwing the ball to a receiver — with his eyes closed. He hits the receiver in stride every time.

“Flat front foot, back heel 2 inches off the ground, legs at an angle, his back slightly angled, no tension in his shoulders, no head movement. Nice and easy,” Christensen says. “Perfect.”


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